you can pretty much guarantee

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that a day that starts with this view …

[ An outcropping of red rock, perhaps fifty feet tall, with pinyon trees & a couple of boulders at the foot. ]

… is gonna end with a view from MUCH higher up.

This isn’t that, yet. This is just from on top of one of the rocks in front of it.

[ My van, a big grey passenger job, sits in the shade of a couple tall ponderosas; the picture was taken from perhaps a hundred feet away & fifteen feet up. ]

Add a couple of small beauties found in between working on the day’s Faery Home Decor piece …

Lichens! I love em.

[ A close view of grey & yellow-green lichens on a weathered red rock. ]

Also a cool small plant.

[ A close view of a small plant with deeply lobed, yellow leaves, the same plant still has some green leaves sheltered in the pine needles below. ]

Eventually, yes, there was climbing.I didn’t go up the front — that’s technical climbing stuff, ropes & pitons, & I don’t have the tools or the knowledge for that. I went around the side, where it was more like rock scrambling than really climbing; some of it was more like walking up a steep hill, some of it I needed my hands for, but none of it was really vertical.

Here’s from partway up, where I found a good spot to sit for a couple minutes.

[ The van, seen again from much higher up. Part of the cliff face takes up the left side of the shot. ]

The last bits of the slope … rocky fun!

[ A steep, rocky slope, leading up to a single tree & above that, only sky. ]

& the view from the top!

[ The immediate foreground is red rocks covered in grey lichen. They form the edge, beyond which, really quite a long way down, is the little clearing & the van. ]

Hi Mom! Aren’t you glad I don’t post these until I’m back down afterwards?

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