yeah it’s winter

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… you can tell because everyone’s huddled up to stay warm.

Tom really isn’t much of a snuggler — he’s getting the hang of it when I’m involved, but he’s still not really comfortable curling up with the other cats. Fortunately he is Well Padded & doesn’t have any trouble staying warm.

Hades & Loiosh, on the other hand, are skinnier, older, & without shame.

Loiosh & Hades are laying on my lap. Hades faces away from me, but Loiosh is facing towards Hades, his head up but his eyes closed.

I sit down, boom, at least one & often both of em are on me.

I’m pretty sure Loiosh was asleep with his eyes open here.

A closer view of Loiosh. He's got his head resting on his paws & his head partly buried in Hades' fur. His one visible eye is open but not focused.

Which is cool cos he let me get extra closeups without getting all cranky.

A closer view, showing Loiosh's eye, green & slit-pupilled, & some of his whiskers. He's nestled even more closely into Hades' side.

Here’s Loiosh in his favourite spot in the world, complete with hug. It’s hard to sew this way but I can still read.

Loiosh from behind, settled against my chest with his left paw curled partway around my neck.

Sometimes, though, I just gotta snuggle my boy.

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