cats: extreme patience edition

Swingset 1

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is sitting in a bright orange plastic baby swing, one hind leg sticking out below, both forepaws curled around the top edge. His ears are very slightly stuck out to the side. ]

We spent the weekend in Colorado again, mostly for the purpose of moving stuff to the storage place, but we did manage to hit TWO fighter practices on Sunday, in Aarquelle & Dragonsspine.

Given the time gap in between, we had about an hour to wander around a park in Colorado Springs before anyone else showed up. There was a playground, so naturally I stuck Loiosh in a baby swing.

Y’all. This cat.

He was content to swing, very gently, for quite a while, watching the kids run around the playground.

swingset 2

[ A view from a slightly different angle. His tail sticks out of the bottom of the swing, curling up against the front. He’s looking off to the left, ears and whiskers perked forwards. ]

Eventually, pleased with himself, he relaxed enough to do stretchy toes.

swingset 3

[ His tail is now looped in an arc in front of himself, and the toes on the one hindpaw that’s sticking out are all stretched out. ]

Here’s a cat who is, improbably, entirely content with his life.

swingset 4

[ Another view from directly in front. His one hindpaw is sticking out, beans just out of the shot, and his other hindpaw is braced against the edge of the same leg hole that his tail is sticking out of. ]

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