cats: big fallin-down tree edition

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, stands amidst a cluttered pile of branches from a fallen Ponderosa pine. Most of them are bigger around than he is, and he looks pretty small. ]

We took a Woods Day on Sunday — it’s SO good being able to get outside more often! — & the boys found a big fallen Ponderosa to climb around on.

It was more under than around, really. Here’s Tom, exploring.


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, sits beneath the trunk of the fallen pine. A big curled sheet of bark, more than an inch thick, sits in front of him. ]

I got Tom’s good side, too. (KIDDING, kidding, pls Tom do not pee in my shoes)


[ Tom’s heading further into the tangle of branches. His tail is caught midlash, and while most of his hinder end is pale tan, his … unmentionables … are black. ]

This was right before the slapfight started.


[ Looking down from above — Tom’s walking towards the bottom of the photo; Loiosh is standing next to him, curled around to sniff at Tom’s butt. ]

Loiosh wanted to keep exploring, but Tom was done, so we flopped down to wait for Loiosh to wander back out.


[ Tom’s laying on ground covered in dry pine needles, both forepaws stretched out in front of him. His eyes are yellow, his nose is a deep pink, and he has vast whiskers. ]

Also, he claimed a stick.


[ A close view of Tom’s left forepaw, which is laying over and curled around a stick. ]

I asked if he wanted me to bring it back for him, but he said nah.

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