big rocks day, part the second

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands on a tree branch, looking up. ]

Loiosh, up a tree. As usual.

Stretchin! What’s up here?


[ Same spot, but now he’s standing on his tippy-toes. ]

& what IS that over there?

(It was probably Tom)


[ Same spot again, but he’s crouched down a bit, looking over his shoulder at something behind him. ]

Tom, in the sun.


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a black and purple harness, is sitting in the sun, part of him hidden behind a big rock. Bare tree branches make interesting shadows over his face. ]

Loiosh, looking over his domain. Which, I wanna remind you, is everywhere. Everywhere is his domain.


[ Loiosh, seen from above, looking to the left & over the plains below. Behind him are a lot of big rocks. ]

Tom in his usual habitat, ‘under something, probably a rock’.


[ Major Tom’s walking through a low corridor between two rocks; he’s got his head ducked down just a bit, & his whiskers tucked low. ]

This is a classic school picture pose.


[ Tom’s seated, body facing left but looking off to the right. His magnificent whiskers take up quite a lot of the photo. Most of the rest is big rocks. ]

This is the other classic school picture pose. Now one of you go photoshop them together, you know how that works.


[ Tom’s standing, head & body both facing to the left now. There’s still whiskers everywhere. ]

… like this one, you know what I mean.


[ It’s the classic 80s-style high school photo, with one shot of the student looking off to one side, & another photoshopped into the upper right corner with the student looking up, with laserbeam! visual effects in the background. But the main photo is this guy & his cat, & the one in the corner is just his cat, looking wistfully into the distance, it is PERFECT. ]

In the meantime, guess where Loiosh is.


[ Loiosh has found a slanted tree & run right up the trunk; he’s about five feet up, clinging to the bark, one forepaw tucked into a fork in the trunk, looking back down over his shoulder. ]


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