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[ A tall, straight pinyon pine dominates the photo; behind it, a scattering of other trees, a cliff of rough red stone, & above that, blue sky. ]

I didn’t do Woods Day on Tuesday, as I usually do, because I was having a bad brain day, so I scheduled Auxiliary Woods Day for Saturday. It still wasn’t a great brain day, but at least I was outside for it?

Loiosh was IN A MOOD, as witness:

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands in a majestic pose on a tree branch; he’s facing upward, contemplating climbing further up. ]

After which he spent FAR too much time being Not In My Line Of Sight, so eventually I hitched his ass to a tree & declared him to be Grounded.

[ Loiosh sits, shoulders hunched, facing pointedly away from the camera; he’s attached to a tree by a green leash & a length of white rope. ]

Major Tom did an EXCELLENT job of staying in my line of sight, but while there he caught & devoured TWO rodentlike creatures, so he is ALSO GROUNDED. I didn’t take pictures of that part, because eugh.

Woods Day will continue while the weather allows, but with 150% more leashes than previously required.

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