Estrella Day 2: Pintail Lake

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You see above a Good Path! It leads to Pintail Lake Wetlands near Show Low in Arizona, which was constructed to filter Show Low’s waste water & create habitat for waterfowl & all the many other critters that love wetlands.

It was a lovely day, I had plenty of time, & the path was promised to be short, so of course I walked right down it.

Loiosh & Major Tom decided to come along (Hades had better things to do, by which I mean ‘nap’). The great thing about walking cats is pretty often, if I just set out walking, they’ll follow along.

Not quickly, though. They are cats.

Looking the other way down the path; Major Tom is trotting along maybe ten feet behind me, while Loiosh lags behind, perhaps twenty feet back.

After a pleasant walk we got to the blind, from which one can observe hypothetical waterfowl on the hypothetical lake without disturbing them.

There was a bit of a shortage of both lake & waterfowl, but it’s winter. These things happen.

There's some water in the hypothetical lake, but mostly it's rocks & dry brown brush. At the horizon, a more mountainous landscape is just visible.

The boys enjoyed the blind, though.

Inside a building constructed of concrete blocks with narrow slot windows looking out over the lake stands Major Tom, looking underwhelmed.

… I’m really glad Loiosh decided against trying to jump out the window.

A somewhat blurry photo of Loiosh, standing on his hind legs & stretching hiiiiigh to look out one of the narrow windows.

The junipers grew large white berries, which I’ve seen before, but not often.

A very close view of a couple of white juniper berries surrounded by spiky green foliage.

The walk back was repeatedly punctuated by me stopping to wait for the boys to saunter close enough for me to set out again. Why hurry? There weren’t any mice to chase.

A section of path, mostly clear but with snow covering a short section. Major Tom & Loiosh are both sauntering along, probably forty feet back. No hurry!

It was a nice break in the drive, & yes, having time for this kind of stop is one of the reasons I built Tyrava.

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