simple string #13


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i don’t remember much about making this one • it’s been a hot minute • but i really do like how it looks

“So powerful, in fact, is simple string in taming the world to human will and ingenuity that I suspect it to be the unseen weapon that allowed the human race to conquer the earth …” — Elizabeth Wayland Barber, Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years

They’re not strung on string but they’re definitely strung. I couldn’t resist the reference to one of my favorite nonfiction books. Very much worth reading.

(seriously that rock is the coolest thing EVER, i came SO CLOSE to keeping it for myself)

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• the copper wire is from my brother-in-law, who used to fix diesel generators for a living • to him, it’s scrap • to me, it’s YAY FREE WIRE

• everything else is stuff from the stash • i made this one a year or two ago & never got round to posting it • apparently because of Reasons

• yes, that rock WAS already drilled through the hard way • holy CATS that musta been tricky • wish i could find more of em but I don’t even remember where i got THAT one

• or any of the rest of the beads tbh • welp




it's this big:

• this pendulum is 15″ long

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