january twenty-third


for the twenty-third day of Jewelry January, the fourth day of Pendulum Week: another trans pride pendulum • yes, it seems that i am back on my bullshit

any jewelry January piece bought on the same day it’s posted comes with a free bar of soap!

Out of stock

• the copper wire is from my brother-in-law, who used to fix diesel generators for a living • to him, it’s scrap • to me, it’s YAY FREE WIRE

• the pink beads came from my roommate • who brought a LOT of beads with them, shoved the stack at me, & said • ‘pls make Things’ • i mean HELL YEAH

the big turquoise-lookin bead came from a friend & fellow jewelry-maker who miiiiight’ve ordered a bit too much of a couple thingsfortunately she also needed to order soap so we got everything sorted out pretty easily • it’s not turquoise tho, i think it’s magnesite

the small turquoise-lookin beads, & the round, vaguely-blue ones, came fromGUESS WHATanother bag fulla beads someone sent methank you Roselightfairy!

& the white ones came from a couple different necklaces given me by various friendslook after a while i just lose track

& the leather thong came from a bag of scraps someone gave Jasper at fighter practice • not from a couch this time, though • alas

it's this big:

it’s 11 7/8″ longsoooooooooooo close