you ate WHAT tea



look, i’m not saying that ninth slice of pizza was a GOOD idea • but i don’t think you should suffer for it, either • if you were gonna learn your lesson you probably would have already • lbr i haven’t

this also goes for tacos, fast food burgers, your great-uncle’s meatloaf, & fried-just-about-anything

now in a really adorable reusable tin!

• 1 tablespoon tea for an average size mug
• heat water to just boiling
• steep for 10-15 minutes
• add honey if you like
• drink with great joy

handmade • natural • crap free • guaranteed

• peppermint • chamomile • fennel seed

it's this much:

• 1/2 oz • 14 g

warnings & disclaimer:

chamomile may interfere with your birth control • so do whatever you need to be sure Suddenly Pregnant isn’t a thing that happens

this is NOT a thorough list of possible interactions • there are too many • if you want to find out if anything in this tea interacts with your meds • has a good drug interaction lookup thing • please use it! • also, google is your friend!

allergic reactions to my stuff are rare • but it’s your job to remember your allergies & sensitivities • the information presented on this website is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition • nor to replace the advice or care of a qualified health professional


You ate WHAT? Sure did and the tea helped.

— Miriam

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