piñon resin


wildharvested, wildcrafted • or if you prefer • pickin greens • well, more sort of browns in this case •

anyways you’ll get an ounce (by weight) of piñon resin • (each of the little piles in the first pic is about an ounce • for reference) • which i’ve harvested with GREAT CARE • from piñon pine trees here in new mexico • (i didn’t want to stab the trees in the process you see • that would be unkind)

now in a really adorable reusable tin!

so you’re all but • what do i do with the stuff? • it makes happy-smelling incense • (sacred stuff in more than one tradition) • it’s also helpful for starting fires • (burning things: a definite theme here) • BUT it’s also useful in making salves • (ofc i’ve got one in process • you can play along tho)

i haven’t processed or treated the resin in any way • (other than to try to pick off some of the bark • there’ll still be some on there though probably) • no pesticides or anything on the trees • all i’ve done is water each tree I harvested resin from • i mean that seemed fair?

handmade • natural • crap free • guaranteed

• piñon pine resin


• 1 oz (by weight) • 30 mL


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