january first 2022


for the first day of Jewelry January, a flame to burn away the old year & bring in the new

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• the thick copper wire came from the leftovers of another house wiring project • it’s disturbingly easy to wind up with a foot of 12 gauge copper wire when you’re fixing things • & what ELSE am i gonna do with it?

• the thin copper wire is from my brother-in-law, who used to fix diesel generators for a living • to him, it’s scrap • to me, it’s YAY FREE WIRE

• the beads came from one of my roommates • who showed up with a couple lil plastic bins fulla STUFF • & said ‘pls do a thing with this’

it's this big:

• this pendant is 2 1/4″ tall

• & 1 1/4″ wide

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