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crap free. guaranteed.


Soap is balm to the spirit.

Never underestimate soap.

– The Good Luck Duck



why earlobes particularly, is what I wanna know


lip balm

keep it simple, lips aren’t all that complicated

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trickster’s trash

liminal fripperies


leather pouches

Things to hold your Stuff in

crap free?

safe, natural, & crap free, guaranteed • soap, tea, bath salts, lip balms & more • because soap matters

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liminal fripperies?

all of this jewelry i make? • the outside art to hang on your wall? • look, it’s trash • literally made from stuff nobody else wanted

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everything else?

so far we’re got Jasper’s leather stuff • pouches & nice sturdy straps • more to come, though • watch this space

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featured crap

blog (mostly cats)

newest crap

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also there’s a newsletter

Mostly this is where I babble about what I’ve been doing. Or what Loiosh has been doing. Sometimes he writes it, it’s hilarious.

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