wash AND moisturize — soap & salve


the salve • healing & moisturizing herbs & oils • infused into olive oil & shea butter & beeswax & vitamin e oil • pretty simple huh • but with all the handwashing, well

(if you need a gentler salve • just leave a note • I’ll send you the plainest of plain salves • except with extra shea butter)

the soap • this soap has no scents added • no colours • nothing that makes it more likely to dry your skin • the only thing I added was even more shea butter than it had already • this is as good as it gets

(to help keep the price down & also because I am low on cope • this is coming in minimal packaging • by which I mean I’m shoving em in a ziploc & shoving the ziploc in a box)

handmade • natural • crap free • guaranteed

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the salve • olive oil • shea butter • beeswax • infused st john’s wort, organic comfrey, & calendula • cinnamon leaf & clove essential oils • vitamin e oil

the soap • saponified coconut oil • glycerine • shea butter • water • berry extract • white oxide • more shea butter

there's this much:

the salve • 2 oz • 59 mL

the soap • 3 oz • 90 mL

warnings & disclaimers:

if you want to find out if anything in this interacts with your meds • webmd.com has a good drug interaction lookup thing • please use it! • also, google is your friend!

allergic reactions to my stuff are rare • but it’s your job to remember your allergies & sensitivities • the information presented on this website is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition • nor to replace the advice or care of a qualified health professional


Also soap that I love. No scent. Mild on the skin. Long lasting.

— Deb

A life-saver. Keeps my hands nice.

— Silver

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