so beautiful and terrible


“I write stories I love to read myself. And I am profoundly enchanted by children and young readers, by their openness and curiosity, by their will to still ask the big questions about the world: where do we come from? What is this all about? Why is the world so beautiful and terrible at the same time? Children also still understand that we are just part of a huge web and connected to every plant and creature on this planet. They are still shape shifters and go easily into a story, whereas adults often hesitate to allow their imagination to give them feathers and wings.” — Cornelia Funke

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• the copper wire was gifted to me by my brother-in-law • he used to repair diesel generators for a living • he saved me SO much scrap, you wouldn’t believe

• the chain came from a tangle of necklaces i got at a thrift store • paid two bucks, spent an hour untangling the stuff • worth it

• p sure the grey wire is some kind of florist wire • no idea where i picked it up

• i admit i bought the big lapis bead • it’s just so pretty

• the bright blue beads & the lil silver ones were part of a trade with a friend • she got soap, i got beads

• one of my roommates gave me the faceted sorta-clear beads • i get a lotta beads that way



it's this big:

• the entire piece is 15″ long

• & the pointy copper piece at the bottom is 2.25″ long