piñon smoke cleansing bundle


wildharvested, wildcrafted • or if you prefer • pickin greens •

what you’ll get is one bundle of piñon twigs & needles • which i’ve harvested with GREAT CARE • from piñon pine trees here in new mexico • only taking one or two twigs from each tree • & leaving a gift of water for each tree • seems only fair? •

they’re wound in cotton thread for clean burning • what you do is light one end • WHILE HOLDING IT OVER A NONFLAMMABLE SURFACE • (i have a bowl i like to use) • let it burn a bit • then blow it out • it’ll smoulder for a while • look! smoke! •

i’m not gonna go into detail about how you use it to cleanse stuff • that’s woo, & everyone does woo differently • there’s plenty available online if you’re new to this • you supply the woo, i’ll supply the smoke

handmade • natural • crap free • guaranteed

Available on backorder

• piñon pine twigs & needles


• 6-7 inches


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