more truth, more economically


” ‘Once upon a time,’ the stories would begin…no particular time, fictional time, fairy-story time. This is a doorway; if you’re lucky, you go through it as a child, aurally, before you can read, and if you are very lucky, you become a free citizen of an ancient republic and can come and go as you please. These stories are deeply embedded in my imagination. As I grew up and became a writer, I found myself going back and using them, retelling them ever since, working partly on the principle that a tale which has been around for centuries is highly likely to be a better story than one I just made up yesterday; and partly on the deep sense that they can tell more truth, more economically, than slices of contemporary realism…. They are generous, true, and enchanted.”

– Sara Maitland

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• the copper wire was gifted to me by my brother-in-law • he used to repair diesel generators for a living • he saved me SO much scrap, you wouldn’t believe

• i bought the small glass beads for an SCA project i did a while back • different project than the other one tho

• the brass-coloured beads came from a bracelet a friend gave me to take apart • one of those ones that’s just maybe six different kinds of beads strung in no perceptible order? • i can’t with those, i always wanna take them apart & put them back together but with a pattern

• & the amethyst beads came from a strand given to me at an SCA A&S competition • i’ve been meaning to make something with them for like twenty years now • it’s well past time

• a friend sent me a BUNCH of cool bangles as part of an effort to Have Less Stuff • many thanks Brodyqat, i’ve been having FUN

• the other round wire thing looks like a bangle but is not • well okay, it sort of is • it _was_ a bracelet but it had beads strung on it & i don’t think that counts as a bangle

• the stick is actually cholla bone • i got it on a trip to Arizona • it’s fun stuff to play with • the ends are kinda fragile, be cautious with em • but that’s why nothing’s attached too close to the ends

it's this big:

• the stick is 9.75″ long

• but the piece itself is 8.5″ wide, because the stick is at an angle

• it’s about 10.75″ tall, from the top of the hook to the lowest loop

• the bangle bracelet is 2.75″ across