january nineteenth


for the nineteenth day of Jewelry January, the first day of Pendulum Week: a pendulum in shades of green … & black

any jewelry January piece bought on the same day it’s posted comes with a free bar of soap!

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• the thin copper wire is from my brother-in-law, who used to fix diesel generators for a living • to him, it’s scrap • to me, it’s YAY FREE WIRE

• the beads were largesse from some SCA event or another 

• i don’t remember where the rock came from • good rock tho

& the leather thong came from a bag of scraps someone gave Jasper at fighter practice • specifically, in this case, from a lovely couch of green

it's this big:

• i don’t remember how long this pendulum came out • & it’s in the car • & we’re having an ice storm • so, uh