inviolate in that circle


i had SO much fun making things with these purple discs • with thanks to sylvia plath’s poem the princess and the goblins for the title

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• the copper wire was gifted to me by my brother-in-law • he used to repair diesel generators for a living • he saved me SO much scrap, you wouldn’t believe

• the big round purple bits came from really SPECTACULAR necklace i’m pretty sure i bought at the Cerrillos Townwide Yard Sale • or at a yard sale in Sandia Park • look it’s been a hot minute • anyway they’re no shit a lil over an inch anna half across

• the smaller beads DEFINITELY came from some stuff my friend Sarah sent me • i really love it when y’all send me cool stuff to take apart & remake • THANK

• i bought COPPER earwires they’re SO PRETTY

it's this big:

• each earring is 2 1/2″ tall

• & the purple discs are a smidge over 1 1/2 ” across

• but each earring weighs only 5 grams • or a bit under two tenths of an ounce • so they’re not near as heavy as they might be?