diy massage & bath oil


you love my massage oils • you buy them pretty often • but there’s something you want • & i don’t have it

maybe you want something i used to make

or you want something I already have • just with a little something added • or maybe taken away

maybe you’ve got this awesome idea for massage oil (or bath oil) that you just know will be the best thing ever

design it yourself • & i’ll do the hard part

here’s ingredients I have & a bunch more info about diy stuff read this before you order

you’ll get two 2 oz bottles of massage oil

(if you’re after more than this • the bigger one’s over here)

handmade • natural • crap free • guaranteed

Available on backorder

• oils & butters of whatever sort you like* • whatever scents you want*

*except for crap

there's this much:

• 2 x 2 oz • 59 mL

warnings & disclaimers:

if you want to find out if anything in this interacts with your meds • has a good drug interaction lookup thing • please use it! • also, google is your friend!

allergic reactions to my stuff are rare • but it’s your job to remember your allergies & sensitivities • the information presented on this website is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition • nor to replace the advice or care of a qualified health professional


The hair oil arrived, and I have made a first test of it, and it is doing exactly what I needed it to do! 🙂 (My hair was starting to have a faint smell of, well, hair, and now it smells like nothing, with only a little bit of oil used. *does a happy dance*) So, yup, a mix that works the way it is supposed to. *very big grin*

–Morgyn Leri

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