and became a writer


” ‘Once upon a time,’ the stories would begin…no particular time, fictional time, fairy-story time. This is a doorway; if you’re lucky, you go through it as a child, aurally, before you can read, and if you are very lucky, you become a free citizen of an ancient republic and can come and go as you please. These stories are deeply embedded in my imagination. As I grew up and became a writer, I found myself going back and using them, retelling them ever since, working partly on the principle that a tale which has been around for centuries is highly likely to be a better story than one I just made up yesterday; and partly on the deep sense that they can tell more truth, more economically, than slices of contemporary realism…. They are generous, true, and enchanted.”

– Sara Maitland

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• the copper wire was gifted to me by my brother-in-law • he used to repair diesel generators for a living • he saved me SO much scrap, you wouldn’t believe

• i bought the two different sizes of green beads at an event in Nebraska • it was, like, twelve years ago? • they were SO welcoming, though, i can’t wait to go back

• i thiiiiiink i traded someone for the wood beads but it’s been a minute

• i bought COPPER earwires they’re SO PRETTY

it's this big:

• each earring is 1 7/8″ tall