a dump of rocks


i was gonna make more foresty pendula but apparently it was a goth sort of day instead • i’m not even goth • the pendulum sure is tho

also the name makes me giggle

with thanks to sylvia plath’s poem finisterre for the title

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• the rock came from the driveway gravel of a place I lived in Sandia Knolls

• p sure the dark grey wire came from the roof of a place i lived in Albuquerque

• the silvery wire came from a spool i picked up at a thrift store somewhere-or-other

• the small black beads & the chain came from a pair of ear wraps my roommate stuck in the thrift store box & i took right back out

• & the bigger purpley beads came from a a necklace a friend gave me to take apart & make things out of

it's this big:

• the entire pendulum is 13″ long, tip to toe

• the loop at the top is 1″ across

• & the rock at the bottom is 1.5″ long