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it’s a WALL

The front wall of the tinker's wagon is now framed out in 2x2 boards.


(Turns out an eight foot length of 2×2 framing is pretty easy for me to pick up by myself, so one of the places I thought I’d need help I’ll be able to handle pretty easily on my own.)

The hardest part was ripping the 2x4s down to 2x2s, but even that was no worse than annoying & tedious. I still wish I could find decent 2x2s, but, well.

& yes, that big gap at the center top IS gonna be a window. I like sunlight. A LOT.

Same thing, different angle. Also the sky is this REALLY amazing blue.

I’ll do a post with the actual steps in the process later this week, but right now I just wanna celebrate WALL.

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step 1: buy lots thing

A notebook with a shopping list written on it in dark pink pen. It contains items like 'tyvek tape' & '19/32 plywood'. Everything on the list has been crossed out in light blue.

I called my aunt on the way to Home Despot today, & opened the conversation with I AM ABOUT TO SPEND SO MUCH MONEY

Yep, I was whining. But that’s how it goes. We had a lovely chat. Turns out my uncle bought a van & has been converting it into a lovely tiny travelling house, so yay! It runs in the family!

… but eventually I arrived at the Despot of Home Improvement, thence to buy All the Things. Continue reading step 1: buy lots thing