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Tyrava — door stops & more wall

[ Tyrava’s front door frame, which is painted purple; a length of unpainted wood maybe an inch wide & half an inch deep runs along the inside of the frame, right where the door will stop when it’s closed properly. ]

Last Saturday & today I got a bunch done on Tyrava, including the door stops all the way around the front door. Since I’m not terribly good at cutting things precisely & there were big gaps around the door, this is a VERY good thing.

It was easy where the door frame is straight, of course, but the curved parts were trickier. Continue reading Tyrava — door stops & more wall

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it’s a wall!


Part of an interior wall, between a corner & a boarded-up window. This entire wall section, about two feet wide, is finished, with reclaimed wood in widths from six inches to almost a foot.

Last time I got the mail I carried back three boards, so I knew I had enough to finish the back wall today. I put nothing else on my schedule for today, nothing to distract me from getting it all done. & it worked!

Above, the right side, done to the bottom of the arch, with the traditional piece turned 90 degrees to fill in the last gap. Continue reading it’s a wall!