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yeah so uh


… look there’s been Stuff

BUT I now have a DESK that holds my LAPTOP & we also have SOLAR which means I can CHARGE MY LAPTOP & therefore I will be POSTING AGAIN

ALSO yes, none of August’s patron stuff has gone out, because of Things, but all of you who get Stuff will be getting More Stuff in September, so uh oops, but NOW I CAN CATCH UP

also here’s a catdog picture


[ Most of the photo is taken up by a pair of jeans-covered legs, but right in the center, squeezed between the legs, is the face of an extremely happy puppy. ]

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process: DIY soap pics &c

soap diy 2

[A big glass measuring bowl is about halfway filled with pale blue liquid, swirled with brown powder. There’s a long spoon stuck in the bowl. Next to it is a container with deep cobalt blue powder with a blue-stained metal measuring spoon on top, and another container with a green lid.]

Lastly & not remotely least, the Do It Yourself soaps! I took the pictures while working on a batch of Wicked Girls soap, cos it looks cool while I mix it up & also because that’s what needed to get done just then.

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process: DIY oils & salves pics

oils diy 2

[On a wooden tabletop: a four-cup glass measuring bowl, filled halfway with pale green oil. Three amber glass jars, one large, two small, all empty. In front of them, a scattering of metal measuring spoons.]

Once I had an idea what I wanted to do for the Design It Yourself pics, the rest went pretty easily. I’d already got caught up on oils by the time it occurred to me to get pictures of the process for the DIY oils listing, so I kinda faked it; fortunately it’s easy enough to pour the grapeseed oil right back in the bottle once I’ve taken a good picture or two.

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process: DIY bath salts pics

diy salts 1

[A purple mat covers most of the surface of a wooden table. On it sits a big glass measuring bowl full of white, large-grain salt, a couple of small brown glass bottles, a scattering of metal measuring spoons, a black pen, and a small black notebook.]

I’ve had the Design It Yourself listings up for a while — ugh, years, I think, some of em, the soap I’ve had for AGES — & I knew when I posted them that I’d want to do something special for the listing photos. Which I immediately failed to do, & just used a couple of pictures from the standard listings of each type, for years. Look, executive function is a Thing, is what.

The last time I did a couple batches of bath salts was one of those days where I post to a twitter thread as I work — some days it helps keep me on track, plus I guess people think I’m funny sometimes — & I got a couple really nice pictures while I was at it. So I thought, what the heck, why not clean these up nice & use em for the DIY salts?

Some days, my friends, I am a GENIUS. Continue reading process: DIY bath salts pics

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process: messenger bag


[A messenger bag made from reclaimed denim — back pockets in various shades of blue and grey line the bottom edge, the flap is made of grey denim, and the strap is made from pieces of old waistband.

Back in December, more or less, a Discord friend was destashing a bunch of stuff, & I took one look at this messenger bag & said MINE. I’ve been feeling uncomfortable with purses for a while, but haven’t been able to find a messenger bag I actually liked for less than A LOT of money, & I really do prefer to get things used when I can. It’s not like I can’t mend them if they need it. Continue reading process: messenger bag

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process: a baker’s dozen prompts edition, part I

20220214_154504[A scattering of random jewelry-related objects in a black tray: keys, beads, scraps of copper wire, baggies filled with shells and beads, and other impedimentia.]

So a year or two ago I was among the many folks to sponsor a kickstarter by Lioness Elise, towards the purpose of her being able to make instructional videos to teach her wire working techniques.

Then there was the plague, but, well. The videos are still happening.

In the meantime, one of the tiers included a baker’s dozen prompts, and three strange questions. & I immediately decided I was gonna make some jewelry about it.

Please, control your shock. Continue reading process: a baker’s dozen prompts edition, part I

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process: ALMOST late ornaments


[ The view to the west: the sun has just set behind the mountains. There’s just a small spot of glow at the horizon, shining through the trees; it’s also reflecting off of the metal roof of the cabin. ]

I realized the day before I hadda ship presents off that I had, err, NOT gotten enough presents for my mom & aunt. WELP, only one thing to do, & that’s rush out just before sunset to whip up a couple copper wire ornaments. Continue reading process: ALMOST late ornaments

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process: surprise loot edition


[ A tangle of short electrical cables sits on a white table. The ends of most of them are stripped, revealing bundles of thick copper wires. ]

So we’re renting this place for the winter from a guy we call The Dude, cos 1) we can’t remember his name & also 2) he looks like The Dude, but queer. He’s pretty cool.

He was here a couple days ago, checking in on the place & touching base with us, & we got to talking, & I showed him one of my faery home decor pieces. He duly admired it, & I commented that I mostly work with scrap copper.

A bit later he ducked into the shed to find a thing or two that he needed, & get it properly closed up for the winter, & came out with a good-sized handful of cables. As see above. & then he gave them to me. Continue reading process: surprise loot edition