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process: ALMOST late ornaments


[ The view to the west: the sun has just set behind the mountains. There’s just a small spot of glow at the horizon, shining through the trees; it’s also reflecting off of the metal roof of the cabin. ]

I realized the day before I hadda ship presents off that I had, err, NOT gotten enough presents for my mom & aunt. WELP, only one thing to do, & that’s rush out just before sunset to whip up a couple copper wire ornaments. Continue reading process: ALMOST late ornaments

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process: surprise loot edition


[ A tangle of short electrical cables sits on a white table. The ends of most of them are stripped, revealing bundles of thick copper wires. ]

So we’re renting this place for the winter from a guy we call The Dude, cos 1) we can’t remember his name & also 2) he looks like The Dude, but queer. He’s pretty cool.

He was here a couple days ago, checking in on the place & touching base with us, & we got to talking, & I showed him one of my faery home decor pieces. He duly admired it, & I commented that I mostly work with scrap copper.

A bit later he ducked into the shed to find a thing or two that he needed, & get it properly closed up for the winter, & came out with a good-sized handful of cables. As see above. & then he gave them to me. Continue reading process: surprise loot edition

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process: product photography

[ A pair of bunny footprints, right next to each other in the snow. ]

Product photography inevitably winds up including ‘random cool thing I saw while I was outside with a camera’ photography, because of course it does. Bunny prints!

But then I got down to business. One of the things I gotta think about with product photography is finding a good spot from which I can take pictures like this: Continue reading process: product photography

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cats: halping edition, part the 436579023th


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is sitting in a plastic storage bin, looking up to the left. The lid of the bin is covering about half of it, and there is a stack of post office shipping boxes on top of the lid. ]

Loiosh was a VERY BIG HELP when we were packing orders from the early black Friday sale. & also, now you know how far behind I am on writing posts here. Continue reading cats: halping edition, part the 436579023th

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cats: back yard wander edition

I’ve been carrying a basket of pendulums & other new stuff around for the last three months, not getting around to taking pictures of them so I can get them posted, but I finally got round to it today.

Tom decided to come along and help, but pretty immediately had Opinions about it.

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, stands facing the camera, one eye squinted mostly shut. ]

… yes, yes, daystar bright, sorry, product pictures do better with at least some natural light going on.

(mood, tho) Continue reading cats: back yard wander edition