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tyrava: bed platform

Not long after I got back from Colorado, I had a visitor, & so did Tyrava!


[ Tyrava, seen from the side, takes up part of the driveway; parked next to her, and a little ahead, is a vardo perhaps half her length, green with blue trim, with two windows on the side. ]

My friend Sarah showed up with her wagon house for a couple days at the beginning of her massive road trip. It was really cool getting to see her setup, & we couldn’t resist getting a couple photos of the two vardos together.

Once she got back on the road, though, I had to get to work. Continue reading tyrava: bed platform

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process: ocean

Not really a process post, cos I didn’t take the pics until after I was done, but close enough.

This is another custom faery home decor piece, made for a Patreon patron; the prompt was ‘ocean’.


[ A piece of white seaglass, shaped like the point of a spear & wrapped in thick copper wire, dangles from the center of a shallow arc of more wire; on either side of it are dangles with silvery-grey beads, with cowrie shells hanging from the bottoms. ]

I had something else in my head for this, but decided it wasn’t quite the right place for it; I’ll save it for another time, & instead dug out the cowrie shells & silvery-grey beads. The grey wire — I think it’s florist’s wire? — was an easy choice, & finding the already-wrapped seaglass in the bottom of my work bag was PERFECT.

Also perfect was the other half of the piece the seaglass originally came from; I needed something to hang the obligatory spiral from, & that lil piece of driftwood was JUST the right size.


[ A small piece of flattish driftwood, perhaps an inch long, hangs from another arc of flattened copper wire; below it is a hammered copper spiral. ]

Et voila, the whole piece!


[ A slightly-curved driftwood stick, perhaps ten inches long, forms the center of this piece. Above and below are curved lengths of hammered copper wire, from which hang an assortment of objects: a hammered copper spiral, a piece of white seaglass wrapped in yet more copper wire, silvery-grey beads, and cowrie shells. ]

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process: green & purple


[ An aluminum foil cupcake tray holds a selection of beads, most of them either purple or green, and a driftwood stick. ]

Way back in fifth grade, I got into a HUGE argument with another kid about wearing green & purple clothing together. She insisted that they clashed & should not EVER be worn at the same time. I thought I looked JUST FINE, THANK YOU. We agreed that the final arbiter should be that true icon of fashion, our teacher.

Poor dude was probably in his 50s (at least that’s how I’m translating my view of him at the time, which was ‘old’). He wore plaid shirts & tan slacks. He knew he was OUT OF HIS DEPTH.

I don’t know if he was actually colour-blind or just claimed he was, but either way, well done, sir. He disclaimed any ability to judge in this circumstance & left it to us to decide our clothing preferences.

All of this is to say that YEAH THEY DO TOO NEITHER GO TOGETHER SO THERE. Continue reading process: green & purple

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process: seashells & cheap beads edition


[ Three metal charms, one shaped like a scallop shell & the other two shaped like conch shells, sit on a piece of black terrycloth, along with two pale green beads & two pale grey beads. Next to them sits a purple plastic box with a bunch of egregiously fake turquoise beads. ]

Woods Day started as always, with an array of beads & no idea what I’m doing with em. I’m still working with the bag of random jewelry stuff I bought a couple weeks ago; using just that stuff & not bringing any of the REST of my beads is really making me think. Continue reading process: seashells & cheap beads edition

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process: Determination


[ A three inch wide, six inch long flat golden-copper ring in an almost rectangular shape reminiscent of a teddy bear, with small specks and eight holes equally spaced around the edge. It hangs suspended from two copper wire hooks through holes on the short ends. Hanging below it from some of the other holes are multiple chains of reddish-brown and amber beads. Some of these chains wrap around a small clear glass jar, the appropriate size to hold a tealight. Viewed here from above. ]

Okay, not a process post as such, because I took all the pictures afterwards, but I DO wanna show off because I am EXTREMELY proud of this piece. Continue reading process: Determination

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process: lil bits


[ A tangle of jewelry and jewelry parts sits on a wood surface. A necklace of fake turquoise and another with beads in a variety of greens and blues make up most of the pile. ]

Last week, it having been two weeks since I received my second Moderna shot, I hied me to a thrift store, because I needed a bunch of cheap jewelry chain for an upcoming project.

I haven’t started that project yet, but last Friday, on Woods Day, I got to play with some of the other stuff that came in the grab bag. Continue reading process: lil bits