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process: Determination


[ A three inch wide, six inch long flat golden-copper ring in an almost rectangular shape reminiscent of a teddy bear, with small specks and eight holes equally spaced around the edge. It hangs suspended from two copper wire hooks through holes on the short ends. Hanging below it from some of the other holes are multiple chains of reddish-brown and amber beads. Some of these chains wrap around a small clear glass jar, the appropriate size to hold a tealight. Viewed here from above. ]

Okay, not a process post as such, because I took all the pictures afterwards, but I DO wanna show off because I am EXTREMELY proud of this piece. Continue reading process: Determination

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process post: wires & sticks

[ one long stick, shaped somewhat like a lacrosse stick & about a foot long; three shorter sticks, each about four inches long; & two tangles of copper wire sit in a pile, waiting for me to get a clue ]

As is traditional I picked up the big stick & it told me what it was gonna be called, so I grabbed some smaller sticks & some wire, & wow, was that not a lot to go on. Monday I rearranged the sticks a bunch of times & they didn’t do anything illuminating, so I figured I might be messing around a while to get them sitting the way they wanted to. Continue reading process post: wires & sticks