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cats: wading in the snow edition


[ Cat prints in the snow, next to the forepaw of a grey cat. The snow is probably two inches deep. ]

More abventure footprints!

Tom DEMANDED to go out in the snow because he was BORED MOM, SO BORED, so me & Jasper bundled up & took him outside. He was NOT pleased at first, on account of his paws were wet, but he gave in & had fun after a while. Continue reading cats: wading in the snow edition

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process: ALMOST late ornaments


[ The view to the west: the sun has just set behind the mountains. There’s just a small spot of glow at the horizon, shining through the trees; it’s also reflecting off of the metal roof of the cabin. ]

I realized the day before I hadda ship presents off that I had, err, NOT gotten enough presents for my mom & aunt. WELP, only one thing to do, & that’s rush out just before sunset to whip up a couple copper wire ornaments. Continue reading process: ALMOST late ornaments

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process: product photography

[ A pair of bunny footprints, right next to each other in the snow. ]

Product photography inevitably winds up including ‘random cool thing I saw while I was outside with a camera’ photography, because of course it does. Bunny prints!

But then I got down to business. One of the things I gotta think about with product photography is finding a good spot from which I can take pictures like this: Continue reading process: product photography

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small beauties: colors & lights


[ Looking up through the branches of a tall ponderosa pine; the sun glints through the needles, lighting the branches and trunk from above. ]

I got so many good pictures that last Woods Day, & it’s a good thing, because I’ve barely had a chance to get out into the woods since. Y’all have been keeping me busy!

I’m hoping to get out again over the Christmas break, though, so there’ll be plenty more good pictures to come. In the meantime … Continue reading small beauties: colors & lights