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cats: tiny Loiosh edition


[ Loiosh, a small orange tabby kitten wearing a sea blue harness, is sitting on a big tree branch. His ears are perked forward. ]

Didn’t manage Woods Day last week — the weather just did NOT allow — so I dug up some pictures of Loiosh’s first time in a tree.

He was SO WEE. I  think he was somewhere between two & three months here. But so confident & curious! Being up high was a little scary but mostly FUN. Continue reading cats: tiny Loiosh edition

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Battlemoor — the way home — mostly cats edition

A round wicker footrest sittin on the passenger seat of the van. Hades is curled up in the cat bed on top of it, & Tom is likewise occupying the bed tucked into the base.

I love how they turned the cat-bed-on-the-seat into a doubledecker cat bed. They’re still doing it now that we’re home, too.

On the way to Battlemoor, I’d noticed, off to one side of Wolf Creek Pass, a bunch of RVs tucked into the woods along a creek. I made a note of it as a possible nice boondocking spot, & on the way home, I set out to find it again. Continue reading Battlemoor — the way home — mostly cats edition