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SPOON: on the land


[Flat land, sparsely covered in brown tumbleweeds, leads up to rugged, snowy mountain peaks.]

‘Through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered …’

… okay, no, but we _did_ manage to get the van stuck within a hundred feet of our borders, & by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’, & it took us four days to get it unstuck, so, uh, there’s been a lot going on.

But the view is like that! So that helps a lot. Continue reading SPOON: on the land

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cats: Tom about town edition


[Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, sits in a blue cat stroller, looking out to the right of the camera.]

Tom’s been wiggly with spring coming in, so Jasper & I decided to take him along to run errands.

He was … not entirely sure about this, but it did get him out of the house, & he got a pup cup from the local coffeeshop, so he was pretty good with that.

Continue reading cats: Tom about town edition

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SPOON: first load edition


[The road stretches out through the center of this wide shot; at the distant horizon, a hint of snow-covered mountains blends into the low clouds. The road is tree-lined on the left side; snowy fields on the right lead up to a snow-roofed barn.]

I haven’t been talking about it much, mostly because STRESS & I dunwanna, but we’re coming up on the end of our time in our winter haven. It’s time to move. Also the van registration was due, for which I needed the title, which was in Alamosa, so I decided to work on two problems at once by loading up the van & driving south. Continue reading SPOON: first load edition

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cats: long drive to the park edition


[A view across a field of short brown grass. Houses line the horizon, and behind them rises Mount Blanca, topped with snow.]

The boys had a vet visit … which, since we’re going to be moving there soon, was in Alamosa. But since we aren’t in Alamosa yet, it was a bit of a haul.

I left a bunch of extra time for the drive, though, so we had time to wander around the park a bit first. Continue reading cats: long drive to the park edition

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cats: no walking, only carry edition

20220127_145634[Loiosh is draped over Jasper’s shoulder. He’s still wearing his rainbow sweater. The ground is covered in snow, and so is the van, which is in the background.]

Eventually we pried Loiosh away from the grass, although I literally had to haul his butt away. Then he didn’t really want to walk, so me & Jasper took turns carrying him. To be fair, it was snowing lightly, in addition to what was already on the ground. Continue reading cats: no walking, only carry edition

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cats: that bush


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness with a blue bowtie on it, stands in a couple inches of snow on the slope of a hill. His leash is taut behind him to the left, and he’s looking (and pulling) to the right. ]

Loiosh wanted to go out in the snow. Perfectly reasonable! Especially given that Tom had had his turn the day before! But then, disaster struck! (chill, he’s fine) Continue reading cats: that bush

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cats: wading in the snow edition


[ Cat prints in the snow, next to the forepaw of a grey cat. The snow is probably two inches deep. ]

More abventure footprints!

Tom DEMANDED to go out in the snow because he was BORED MOM, SO BORED, so me & Jasper bundled up & took him outside. He was NOT pleased at first, on account of his paws were wet, but he gave in & had fun after a while. Continue reading cats: wading in the snow edition