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process: product photography

[ A pair of bunny footprints, right next to each other in the snow. ]

Product photography inevitably winds up including ‘random cool thing I saw while I was outside with a camera’ photography, because of course it does. Bunny prints!

But then I got down to business. One of the things I gotta think about with product photography is finding a good spot from which I can take pictures like this: Continue reading process: product photography

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small beauties: colors & lights


[ Looking up through the branches of a tall ponderosa pine; the sun glints through the needles, lighting the branches and trunk from above. ]

I got so many good pictures that last Woods Day, & it’s a good thing, because I’ve barely had a chance to get out into the woods since. Y’all have been keeping me busy!

I’m hoping to get out again over the Christmas break, though, so there’ll be plenty more good pictures to come. In the meantime … Continue reading small beauties: colors & lights

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cats: asploring edition

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands in the shade of a couple of really big boulders stacked atop each other. He’s looking off to the right, ears and whiskers perked forward curiously. ]

Loiosh really enjoyed having this big pile of rocks to scramble around on. And under, and around, and over, and up. It’s like a jungle gym, only for cats. (Also grown-ass two-leggers like me, although there’s a lot more of it that I can’t get to. but more about that later. ) Continue reading cats: asploring edition

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cats: little boy on a big rock edition


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands on a good-sized boulder, looking over his shoulder at another rock a couple feet away. More rocks occupy the rest of the image, towering far over his head. A stand of conifers is visible through a gap between two of the boulders. ]

Loiosh does love scrambling around on rocks, just like his Momma. He’s better at the jumping part, though. Continue reading cats: little boy on a big rock edition