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cats: Sigdis & the kneeling pad


[ Sigdis, a black cat wearing a signal-flare orange harness, is half-hunkered on a black foam pad. The hand of a white person appears in the right side of the photo, forefinger extended towards Sigdis, who’s glaring at it. ]

Jasper picked up this kneeling pad thing a while back, on the theory that it might be useful, & holy CATS has it been useful here, where kneeling on the ground, even if it looks clear, can result in a kneeful of tumbleweed thorns.

(Didn’t know tumbleweeds have thorns? Be glad you’re not finding out the hard way like we did. They’re tiny & sting like hell.)

Anyway Sigdis loves the thing. (At least she’s stopped sharpening her claws on it.) Continue reading cats: Sigdis & the kneeling pad

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cats: curly paws, like curly fries


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is laying on his side on a red, white and blue crocheted blanket. One hindpaw is braced against my leg; the other lays next to it. Both forepaws are slightly tucked. ]

Loiosh has been THE adorablest. I think he & Jorts have been sharing cute lessons. There’s definitely been more curly paws action going on here. Continue reading cats: curly paws, like curly fries

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cats: the farmers market


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness and a blue bow tie, sits atop a pile of pallets, silhouetted against the sky. He looks extremely skeptical. ]


This happened MONTHS AGO but there’s been all this *gestures broadly at everything* but I’m back & functional again so there’s gonna be CAT POSTS

Anyway Loiosh has been to the Alamosa Farmers Market a buncha times now but this was the FIRST TIME Continue reading cats: the farmers market

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yeah so uh


… look there’s been Stuff

BUT I now have a DESK that holds my LAPTOP & we also have SOLAR which means I can CHARGE MY LAPTOP & therefore I will be POSTING AGAIN

ALSO yes, none of August’s patron stuff has gone out, because of Things, but all of you who get Stuff will be getting More Stuff in September, so uh oops, but NOW I CAN CATCH UP

also here’s a catdog picture


[ Most of the photo is taken up by a pair of jeans-covered legs, but right in the center, squeezed between the legs, is the face of an extremely happy puppy. ]

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cats: Tom about town


[Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is hunkered up in Tyrava’s doorway, looking outside. Past him, on the ground, is the framed-out floor I’ve been mostly not working on.]

Okay, he hasn’t actually been around town at all, because mostly all we do in town is shopping trips, & he’s not really into those. Although I might take him into Big R one of these days anyway; last time he went to one he led us right to the wheel & caster section, which was on deep clearance.

So, much like Loiosh, he’s been running around outside a bunch & then sleeping really hard. Continue reading cats: Tom about town

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cats: I SWEAR he does things other than sleep


[Loiosh is curled up on my bed, head tucked into the lap of a toy orange cat.]

He won’t admit it, but he really does like his little Jorts toy.

He’s been spending a lot of his days outside — fear not, the nearest road is half a mile away, the nearest people not much closer, & with nothing but low brush around us, it’s easy to keep an eye on him. I still can’t wait til we have the catio built, though.

But what with all the dashing around on the land, he’s been wearing himself out a lot. So when he sleeps, he SLEEPS. Continue reading cats: I SWEAR he does things other than sleep

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cats: exciting new home edition


[Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, sits in Tyrava’s doorway, looking outwards.]

For most folks, one of the biggest problems they’d have dealing with a move like this would be their cats. How do you keep four cats, used to the run of an entire house, entertained when there’s no house?

It’s SUCH a good thing both boys are leashtrained & Sigdis is getting there.

It’s also a good thing, though, that cats SLEEP so much. Continue reading cats: exciting new home edition