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cats: mostly Gallup edition


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is laying at his ease on a concrete patio. His leash, also green, is draped decoratively around him, and his eyes are mostly squinted shut. ]

Friday the weather was decent & Loiosh was a WIGGLEBUTT, so I took him along to Gallup for a wander. We didn’t run into a lot of people, alas, but he did get some pets, & I got a bunch of pictures of Gallup. Continue reading cats: mostly Gallup edition

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cats: tiny Loiosh edition


[ Loiosh, a small orange tabby kitten wearing a sea blue harness, is sitting on a big tree branch. His ears are perked forward. ]

Didn’t manage Woods Day last week — the weather just did NOT allow — so I dug up some pictures of Loiosh’s first time in a tree.

He was SO WEE. I  think he was somewhere between two & three months here. But so confident & curious! Being up high was a little scary but mostly FUN. Continue reading cats: tiny Loiosh edition

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small beauties: fire & ash edition


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is sniffing at the base of a Ponderosa pine. The bottom three feet or so of the bark is lightly charred. ]

Two days ago I FINALLY managed to do Woods Day. Y’all, I need to prioritize Woods Day more, because I needed that BAD. Spending a day outside working on Tyrava is good, mind you, but Woods Day is, apparently, more necessary.

I found us a new spot again — managed to find a bit of creek that had water in it! — & it turns out there’d been fire on the slope above. I didn’t see any signs of heavy equipment, so it must’ve burned out on its own. There was a whole glade of trees that had burned some but not much — the one in the picture above only lost a layer or two of bark, & is otherwise doing fine. This is why Ponderosa pines have that layered puzzle-piece bark! Continue reading small beauties: fire & ash edition

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Very Good Snuggles


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is tucked under the covers next to me. His head is sticking out; it’s next to my arm. He’s got one paw tucked up next to him, and his eyes are just a little open. ]

Every once in a while Tom will deign to come under the covers with me. (This happens FAR more often when we’re out & about & it’s below freezing, but who could blame him for that?) Continue reading Very Good Snuggles

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I took Loiosh to the flea market in Grants yesterday, cos the weather was supposed to be nice, warm & not too windy, & he needed PEOPLE.

… alas, it was WOOSHY WOOSH. I took him wandering a bit anyways, but when he jumped out of the stroller & into a cat carrier some guy was trying to sell, I figured that was my sign.

(Dude tried REAL HARD to sell me the cat carrier, & FEELS, but my boy wears a harness, I don’t NEED a cat carrier.)

(I bought a nice carpet from him though.)

Anyway this is the only pic I got.

cranky boy

Y’all he had OPINIONS.