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moar wall

When I last posted about the front wall it was ALMOST but NOT QUITE finished to the top on the right side of the doorway. As the top picture shows, it is now finished ALL THE WAY UP on the right side of the doorway! (Okay, the arch isn’t done, but I don’t need that …

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lil road trip

I had to go to Albuquerque to get a bunch of things done, so of course the boys went with me. Loiosh does NOT like his sweater, despite the blinky eyes in the pic above. I think I need to trim the belly part a bit; it looks like it hangs up when he tries …

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Y’all, salvage is where it’s AT. I got two solid wood, huge, HEAVY doors. For five bucks apiece. When I build a shed, I’m making the walls out of DOORS, they’re cheaper than PLYWOOD. ALSO I got a nice lil cabinet for fifteen. Seriously, this place is DANGEROUS. Check out the cabinet: That’s where it’s …

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y’all, I am p00ped

I’m getting over a cold, I’m still wiped out from the giftmas rush & working so hard on the tinker’s wagon over break, I have to drive to Albuquerque today, & y’all, I am p00ped. Here is a picture of Hades being an adorable void cat.

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