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IT’S giftmas time

(also there’s a lot of holidays involving candles coming up, but that’s something else entirely)

giftmas is coming, buy stuff

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so many lip balm

it kinda IS a bunch tbh

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why earlobes particularly, is what I wanna know

Three jars of bath salts, one colored red, the next blue, and the third brown.

bath salts

tis the season. FOR BATHS.

new header 3

trickster’s trash

liminal fripperies

Two jars of salve and two spray bottles.

gone off hiking

maybe come spring tho


Soap is balm to the spirit.

Never underestimate soap.

– The Good Luck Duck

crap free?

safe, natural, & crap free, guaranteed • soap, tea, bath salts, lip balms & more • because soap matters

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liminal fripperies?

all of this jewelry i make? • the outside art to hang on your wall? • look, it’s trash • literally made from stuff nobody else wanted

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everything else?

so far we’re got Jasper’s leather stuff • pouches & nice sturdy straps • more to come, though • watch this space

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blog (mostly cats)

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sometimes Loiosh writes them, it’s pretty hilarious

Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a Tigger sweater and trailing a green leash, paces along a low concrete wall. His tail is up and he's looking curiously away from the camera. Behind him is the Grand Canyon.

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