November 2021

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cats: catnip carpet edition

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is flopped on an oval crocheted carpet, eyes VERY WIDE. ] Morgyn realized that we didn’t have any catnip at the house, so now there’s catnip in the house. Also in the carpet. Which is why Tom is now in love with the carpet.


cats: tiny calico edition

[ A small longhaired calico cat, mostly orange and black with just a white splotch covering most of her muzzle, is hunkered up in a low cardboard box much too big for her. ] Who’s this tiny girl?


cats: scritches edition

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, stands atop a tall rock, looking over the woods below him. His tail is caught mid-lash. ] The boys really enjoyed being able to get out into the woods again, climbing on rocks, digging in the dirt, chasing bugs.

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