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[ A big grey tabby lays on his side in the sun, facing the camera; his eyes are squinted mostly shut, & his belly is a lovely expanse of soft fuzzy paleness. ]

Major Tom decided to help me last week when I had a bunch of new jewelry to take pictures of. He is, as you can see, exceptionally good at helping. Or possibly, halping.

See how the grey of his fur sets off the white of the quartz!

[ Tom’s head is resting on top of a pile of jewelry; a few beads, some copper wire, & a hunk of quartz are visible through his fur. ]

Marvel at how he distracts me from getting a single buggering things done!

[ To the left, my jewelry photography setup, which is a wooden box with my flat jewelry anvil on top of it. There’s a bone & a rock on that, & I use them to pose the jewelry. To the right, Major Tom lies flopped on his side, paws tucked up to his chest. ]

Gaze into his lucent yellow eyes!

[ A closeup of one of Tom’s eyes. It’s yellow, & the fur around it is pale tan ticked with dark grey. The pupil is contracted to a slit, & there are a couple spots where his fur has grown over old scars & runs in odd directions. ]

Witness the joy with which he pins my hand under his massive head!

[ My hand is stuck partway under his head, & he’s looking up at me with a very pleased expression. He’s also still on top of the jewelry. ]


[ His iddle pink nose is surrounded by black, & there’s a scar running up from one nostril. Or down, as the case may be, because his face is upside down in the picture. ]

Yes, I booped his nose for you.

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