December 2020



[ clip art of a green dumpster, with red & yellow flames pouring out of the top & ‘2020’ in big letters on the side ] I HAD SO MANY PLANS FOR THIS YEAR you know how it goes, mortals make plans & the gods laugh overpowered overdramatic bastards were extra bastard this year tho …



big rocks day, part the first

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, seen quite close up; he’s ignoring the camera to give me some pretty pointed side-eye. ] Woke up with Loiosh doing this so CLEARLY I was gonna hafta get him out of the house some. Y’all, he is A LOT when he’s bored, & he gets bored WAY too easily.



[ A big grey tabby lays on his side in the sun, facing the camera; his eyes are squinted mostly shut, & his belly is a lovely expanse of soft fuzzy paleness. ] Major Tom decided to help me last week when I had a bunch of new jewelry to take pictures of. He is, …

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a mighty flopping

[ Major Tom, a large grey tabby, is flopped on his side on a light tan carpet. One forepaw is tucked up against his chest, & the other one is stretched out. ] I managed to get pictures of Tom doing his Very Appealing Flop! Missed the rolling part, but we’ll get there.

A success!

[ Two cats in a comfy spot: Major Tom, a grey tabby, is laying in a plush cat bed that sits on a metal shelf a couple inches off the floor, & Loiosh, an orange tabby, is curled up in a round blue cat bed tucked into the bottom of a wicker footstool. ] … …

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