November 2020



[ The picture of Tom where it looks like he’s on Mars, but it’s been photoshopped so the sky & rocks are both the red tint you get on actual pictures from Mars. ] Tom apparently WAS on Mars! (many thanks to Morgynleri who giggled a LOT while they did this I’m pretty sure)


nap season

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is hunkered up on my desk, to the left of the keyboard. The picture is taken from the other side, so he’s mostly blocking my monitor. He’s looking at me sadly, because I dared to dislodge him slightly. ] This is how I’ve been getting things done most of the …

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process: lapis

[ An aluminum cupcake tray. The hollows hold beads in a couple shades of blue & silver, and some white seaglass pieces wrapped in tarnished copper wire. Atop the tray are spools of copper wire, a piece of driftwood, & a tube from a wind chime. ] What I started with!

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