April 2020


it’s birthday season!

Today, April 25th, is Loiosh’s birthday, as near as I can reckon. He’s twelve. I can’t believe it’s been twelve years. He was such a wee tiny butthead! & now he’s a full-size butthead who won’t let me get any sewing done. On May 1st, it’ll be The Vagabond Tabby’s twelfth birthday! I’ve been doing …

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ghost hug

(I took this pic to send to my sister who had surgery last week — she came through JUST FINE, yay! — but I bet a lot of us could use a ghost hug right now, so here’s one for those of y’all what need it.) On to the cat pictures!


cats in a time of covid

They don’t care, except that Loiosh is getting bored because I haven’t taken him ANYWHERE AT ALL MOM (except for an emergency trip to Albuquerque but more about that later). Mostly their lives are about the same, only with more opportunities to lay on Mom.

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