February 2020


incidental boy

Of course the boy came along for the test drive! This is as much about him as it is about me. Also getting him out of the house to run off some energy this time of year is ALWAYS a good idea.

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alas, fail

So the rafters do a GREAT job of holding up the roof, except for along the edges because there’s no rafter there, but that’s where the top of the walls hold up the roof, except they don’t extend past the end walls, & what I’m babbling about here is the part where the corners of …

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One of the very best things abut winter is the amount of time I spend with my bestest baby on my lap. He’s pretty fond of that part, too.

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a very Halpful tomcat

I’ve been letting Major Tom come outside with me every so often while I’m working on the tinker’s wagon; it’s not baby bunny season, he’s staying close to the house, & anyway he’s a quick little (big) shit & I can’t always catch him on the way out the door.

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