October 2019

it’s got THREE WALLS

okay i’ve been doing a pretty terrible job of taking pictures but i took some video?? IT LOOKS LIKE A HOUSE [ the video is takes while walking around the tinker’s wagon. three of the four walls are framed out. also it is very windy. ]


it’s a WALL

& I BUILT IT. ALL BY MYSELF. (Turns out an eight foot length of 2×2 framing is pretty easy for me to pick up by myself, so one of the places I thought I’d need help I’ll be able to handle pretty easily on my own.) The hardest part was ripping the 2x4s down to …

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2019 09 191

moar sticks

Also, a boy. The nice thing about going to Home Despot with somebody else is that they can push the cat stroller while I push the big lumber cart. Or the other way round, depending.

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