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It’s honestly well past time, & I want to thank my friend OctopusGallery for giving me a poke towards using less plastic in my packaging.

I know, I know, look, there’s been Stuff. But I’m getting there.

Some of it’s easy enough — the bags I give out at shows are easy enough to replace with brown paper bags, although it’s gonna be a while until I use up what I already have in stock. It’s also pretty easy to switch to brown paper for the smaller bags I put products in when I ship out orders.

But the soap & bath salts? More of a problem, because people want to see what they look like.

Fortunately there’s a pretty decent solution. Compostable plastics have been around for a while, & they’re getting better & better. I had some fun sorting through competing claims about how WELL they compost, mind you — one site said their compostable plastics broke down as easily & quickly as a leaf, which is, it turns out, actually not the case. Needless to say I went elsewhere.

But what I’m finding is that a good compostable plastic will compost Just Fine in the sort of industrial composting center that a lot of big cities use to take care of leaves & such, & if you don’t live in the big city, they’ll still compost okay in your backyard compost pile, though it’ll take maybe a year or two.

Given how rarely I actually remember to do anything with my compost, that’s not a problem. If you’re running your compost through faster than that, it might be a bit trickier, but I sat down & thought about it, & you know, even if most of the compostable plastic I’m gonna start using still winds up in a landfill, at least it’ll sit there & compost, instead of breaking down into microplastic. So, you know? I’m good with it.

I’ve found compostable plastic replacements for most of the plastic bags I use. I haven’t ordered any of it yet — it’ll take a while to use up what I already have — but I’ll get there.

I haven’t started looking for compostable plastic lip balm tubes yet & I don’t know if there even is such a thing, but I can hope. I suspect I’ll be out of luck with finding compostable plastic in tubes like I’m using for the foot salts, but there are other options I can poke at.

& of course there’s still the plastic lids for all of my glass containers, but eventually I might be able to do something about those, too.

One little step at a time.

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